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Global Wine Law

A guide published by AIDV

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Everything you always wanted to know about Wine Law*

Geographical Indications (“GIs”)… are there any general GI laws (whose coverage includes wines) in your country? If so, what are the names and/or references and (if applicable) dates of the relevant legislation or laws?

Advertising and Sales… are there any specific regulations relating to wine advertising and sales? If so, what are the names and/or references and (if applicable) dates of the legislation/laws?

Labelling … is it required that certain details are included on a wine label? For instance: name of producer/ domain, vintage, alcohol, grapes, country/region of origin, health warnings etc.?

Distribution … do you have specific rules about the applicable law in wine related e-commerce transactions?

Dispute Resolution … do you have specific rules or requirements relating to arbitration or mediation of commercial disputes that may apply to wine-related matters?

Governmental and Private Bodies Regulating the Wine Sector… are there non-state actors in the field of wine? If so, who are they and what is their function?

And many other questions …


*But don’t be afraid to ask and to find answers for 20 countries:

Argentina Australia Brazil Canada China France Germany Greece Hungary Israel Italy Japan New-Zealand Portugal Romania South Africa Spain Switzerland United-Kingdom United States of America

Together with the print version delivery, the purchaser acquires an additional eBook in EPUB format. This electronic version contains many hyperlinks to local legislation making it directly consultable. Thus, the reader can easily compare specific issues in various countries by clicking on the hyperlink of the chosen question, which leads to a Horizontal Index.


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