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International AIDV-IWLA Conference 2024

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AIDV Conference 2024

XXXXI Reims, France

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Vine and wine law in debate. At the heart of the global wine industry.

A legal approach to the issues facing the global wine industry through a specialized professional network.


The AIDV-IWLA benefits from Observer status at the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) in Paris, and participates in the work of the “Law and Consumer Information” group of experts.

The AIDV-IWLA is also an Observer at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, and follows its geographical indication and trademark activities.

The AIDV-IWLA has partnerships and special relationships with a number of wine law academic faculties, including Reims and Bordeaux in France, and actively supports students and academic research.


The AIDV-IWLA was founded in 1985, by European and American lawyers, with the aim of creating a forum for studies and debates on legal questions affecting the wine community and wine trade throughout the world.

Today, AIDV-IWLA has more than 300 members, both individual and institutional, from 30 countries, on the five continents.

Through its work, AIDV-IWLA aims to educate regulators and trade bodies on wine law in other countries, and thus to contribute to its evolution towards international harmonization.

AIDV-IWLA has special membership sections devoted to specific viticultural areas of the world:

Present on five continents, vines cover more than 7.5 million hectares* of agricultural lands, and drive economic activity on a worldwide level.

*Source OIV 2015

of Wine and Vine

Present on five continents, vines cover more than 7.5 million hectares* of agricultural lands, and drive economic activity on a worldwide level.

Although a product of viticulture, wine is not generally legally regarded as a basic foodstuff, because of the strong diversity of its geographical and varietal origins and because of the ways in which it is made and aged.

Following the creation of the science of oenology in the 19th century, and the development of a worldwide vineyard after the phylloxera crisis in the 20th century, specific wine and vine laws were passed at national, regional and international levels.

Now, in the 21st century, more than 104 million hectoliters of wines, of the 275 million produced in the world*, cross national borders before being consumed, which represents a world sales turnover of more than 28 billion euros.


The AIDV-IWLA is made up of lawyers, judges, civil servants, notaries, University law professors, students, and managers of companies and professional organizations and associations.

The AIDV-IWLA discusses intellectual property and counterfeiting, contracts, trade, economic law and fraud, advertising & publicity, the environment, rural law, case law, disputes, arbitration, and a range of other legal questions affecting the wine and vine industry, in a comparative and international way.

The wine and vine industry has become truly global, with specific fields of law which surround it, and requires international expertise, which role is taken on by the AIDV-IWLA, its members and its network.