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International AIDV-IWLA Conference 2024

25.10 > 27.10

AIDV Conference 2024

XXXXI Reims, France

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Dear friends,

We are pleased to introduce the Canadian Section of the Association Internationale des Juristes du Droit de la Vigne et du Vin (AIDV) / International Wine Law Association.

The mandate of AIDV Canada is to develop knowledge and advance wine law and policy across members of the Canadian Section.

As AIDV Canada, we are pleased to bring to Canadian legal and wine industry professionals a forum to develop and share legal and policy knowledge about the ever-evolving regulatory regime around wine in this country – and beyond. Pertinent aspects of law and policy for AIDV Canada members include multilateral trade agreements, international production standards, intellectual property and trademarks, federal and provincial regulatory matters, interprovincial trade, and labour, health and consumer issues.

Chris Wilson
President of the Canadian Section of the International Association of Wine Lawyers

Become an AIDV member

The AIDV now has more than 350 members, individual and institutional, from 30 countries on five continents.

Through its work, AIDV-IWLA aims to educate regulators and trade bodies on wine law in other countries, and thus to contribute to its evolution towards international harmonization.