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AIDV Conference 2024

XXXXI Reims, France

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The U.S. Section of the AIDV – the International Wine Law Association – provides a venue for its members to learn about wine law as well as to meet others engaged in the field. Our members are actively involved in the international association and attend its member meetings and webinars. The U.S. Section also organizes meetings and webinars on significant wine-related legal issues.

In 2018, a U.S. Section seminar focused on U.S. legal topics, particularly challenges involving labeling, in advance of the international AIDV meeting in Napa, California. In 2021, the U.S. Section held a webinar to consider how the incoming Biden Administration’s approach to international trade issues might affect the wine trade. In 2022, we sponsored a webinar entitled “Who watches the watchmen?”, which examined the role of certain key NGO influencers in the setting of international trade regulation and policy.

Most recently, the U.S. Section organized a conference on hot topics in the area of the sustainability of the wine industry, including economic, environmental, and social aspects. The conference was in hybrid format, with in-person gatherings in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, as well as participation by Zoom. As those who attended can attest, the program was fascinating and timely.

It is my pleasure to serve as President and I look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Peter Brody
President of the U.S. Section



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The AIDV now has more than 350 members, individual and institutional, from 30 countries on five continents.

Through its work, AIDV-IWLA aims to educate regulators and trade bodies on wine law in other countries, and thus to contribute to its evolution towards international harmonization.