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Already the codex hammurabi, one of the oldest legal texts of mankind deals with the wine-trade. Wine has been a highly refined agricultural product for thousands of years. It is produced and traded on every continent and in countless different forms. And under numerous legal requirements.

So the IWLA has a lot to deal with: being at the forefront of the legal and oenological community for more than 30 years with more than 350 members from more than 30 countries it covers a broad range of legal issues. Founded to promote and develop wine law on an international basis, it has gained official observer status both with OIV and WIPO providing a privileged access to first-hand knowledge. We strive the development and the understanding of all aspects of wine law through education and research, publications, initiatives and discussions.

To bring together the best legal minds, the wine industry and organizations dealing with production and trade of wine, the IWLA has organized numerous international and regional conferences in nearly all major wine-producing regions e.g. Burgundy and Tuscany, Rioja and Valais, Cognac and Vienna, Napa Valley and Champagne. Brazil and Portugal, Germany and Romania – we have been there and we had the possibility to meet and discuss with experts from all over the world. After Bordeaux in 2017, our next annual meetings will be held in Napa Valley (1 to 3 October 2018) and Vevey showing how truly worldwide our view on the wine-world is.

Wine law is as fascinating as wine itself: it covers national, European and international law as well as bilateral, transatlantic or transpacific treaties. From planting and breeders rights and oenological practices it goes to trade, advertising and promotion, intellectual property rights and also touches on consumer and healthcare issues.

The IWLA is open to everyone interested in these topics and we invite experts as well as students and juniors to join our international network. Get involved and help us shape the world of wine-law of and for the future!

Thomas H. Schmitz
President 2017-2019
* International Wine Law Association = Association Internationale des Juristes du Droit de la Vigne et du Vin (AIDV)


With observer status at OIV and WIPO, the AIDV is the most important international professional association discussing legal questions affecting global as well as regional or local wine production and trade. 

World Network

With over 350 members from more than 30 countries, this network of lawyers, judges, notaries, academics, students, civil servants and regulators, managers of professional associations of wine producers and trade bodies.

for Wine Law

AIDV constitutes the essential forum for comparative studies and debates on wine law, including relevant issues of intellectual property, trade agreements, dispute settlement, and any and all other legal aspects concerning wine growing and wine trade throughout the world.

Conference 2018

1-3 October 2018

The Ever Changing Nature of Wine Law



Conference 2018

14-16 Sept 2018


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